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#3659: Auguste replies to Dorce on foreign aid issue

Kathy Dorce writes:
  Aristide says in his book, "Eyes of the Heart," they give us two ways to go 
 (submit or resist), and both of them mean death ......so you choose the 
 way.  Finding the third way is the challenge.  I get very upset when I think 
 of how bad it looks but Aristide makes me hopeful, makes me believe it is 
 possible again.  Perhaps that is why he is still so popular with the people.
 Kathy DorcÚ

Dear Kathy Dorce:

That is the problem with Aristide. He is writing books and forget Haiti's 
economic and social reality. What he advocates is "learning on the job" and 
even "experimenting on the job."  He should first find the third way then 
apply it, bottle it for the benefit of future Haitian leaders and when he 
retires write about it. Not the other way around. 
He is going to need more than graisse cochon to be the savior of Haiti.