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#3662: What Selection Criteria Does Corbett Use For Posts?

From: Perez_Dannenbaum <mpperez@mail.utexas.edu>

Eric Dannenbaum writes:

I know it has been asked before but could our moderator inform everyone
again what criteria are currently used when the decision is taken to not
post a contribution by one or another list member. I was very surprised
to hear from Mark-Vilaire Aristide that he had attempted earlier to
participate in a recent discussion but was not allowed to do so. I can't
imagine what could possibly have been so objectionable in this
individual's earlier messages as to warrant their oblivion. I was also
somewhat surprised to learn that our moderator actually reads each and
every post himself with an eye on determining their value vis-vis
publication. My intent is not to be argumentative here: the successful
moderation of a forum such as this is little short of an engineering
marvel. It's just natural to wonder how the tenor of certain discussions
may sometimes reflect (through discretionary means) the ideology and/or
aesthetic preferences of our moderator. The overwhelming majority of
list members no doubt applaud the sensible attempt to minimize personal
attacks, flagrant commercialism, and self-aggrandizement. If the
internet can be likened to a superhighway, one would prefer fewer
billboards and more greenery and wildflowers generally. But how is this
to be accomplished? The Cult of Information by Theodore Roszak may help
to put even that dream into perspective.