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#3667: Dorce continues discussion with Auguste on Aristide


J.R. Auguste, #3658:
<<I find hard to believe that Mr. Aristide is defending me as a Haitian. 
Consider the following situation which by the way is not a hypothetical one. 
Mr. Aristide loves saying that "mwen kraze lame d'Haiti" (I have destroyed 
the FAD'H) and yet he has not even taken one hand gun from the members of the 
Haitian army. By dismissing the members of said army without disarming them 
he simply left them to fend for themselves. >>
When Aristide returned in the company of the US military, he was not on his 
own, running a sovereign country....he was a captive of sorts.  Having made 
restrictive concessions to be allowed back in his OWN country to serve his 
LEGAL term of office.  He had no choice but to make these concessions because 
it was that or never serve in Haiti.  It was a US Military strategy not to 
disarm the army.  In fact they did not want the Haitian army disbanded at 
all.  They had trained them themselves after all!  There is hope in many 
circles that the army will be  organized and reactivated.  Don't you think 
Aristide wanted the army and paramilitary disarmed and held responsible for 
crimes against the people?  His hands were tied.....if you hate him for being 
bowed by the US then do it but you do so by making assumptions and blaming 
him for all of Haiti's woes.  So many share the blame.  
J. R. Auguste, #3659:

<< Dear Kathy Dorce:
 That is the problem with Aristide. He is writing books and forget Haiti's 
 economic and social reality. What he advocates is "learning on the job" and 
 even "experimenting on the job."  He should first find the third way then 
 apply it, bottle it for the benefit of future Haitian leaders and when he 
 retires write about it. Not the other way around. 
 He is going to need more than graisse cochon to be the savior of Haiti.    >>
Dear J.R. Auguste,

While I appreciate the exposure of you using my name in your posts, since I 
know you personally, I am wondering why you don't engage me by direct e-mail. 
 Or why you don't address your remarks to everyone.  I am not the only 
supporter of Aristide on the list.  I have explained my position several 
times to you about him.   We do not agree, you bring up nothing new and if I 
answered, it also would be a rehash of old arguments (discussions).  You 
think my eyes are closed and I think yours are.  Shall we agree to disagree?  
Time will prove who is closer to being right.  For all of our sakes, I hope I