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#3678: Haiti Labeled As Drug State : Nelsen comments


What a convienent scapegoat for the U.S. government and another label for 
Haiti: Drug transhipment state.  The logic that huge mansions and new gas 
stations come exclusivley from drug money clouds the fact that most foreign 
aid is pocketed by the corrupt Haitians that could care less about the "sad 
slums" they reside over.  Much of this money is used to start lucritive 
businesses in Haiti and the U.S.  During the embargo, back then I lived in 
Haiti when mansions and gas stations were being built and Haiti wasn't being 
labeled a major drug state.   I don't blame the greedy Haitians who steal aid 
money necessarily but rather the people who give this money in the name of 
humanitarian aid and require no accountability when none of it, or very 
little of it, gets into the hands of the people who need it most.  The sad 
fact remains that Haiti is what it is today because of failed U.S. policy to 
give aid responsibly.  

Rev. Bob Nelson