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#3689: Miami Herald FWD - Homestead Haitian fest gets added sponsor (fwd)


Homestead Haitian fest gets added sponsor

Haitian-American organizations in South Dade will begin a transition between 
generations as they serve as hosts in this year's Haiti Cherie festival, from 
noon to 8 p.m. May 21 in Homestead's Losner Park.
The free event will be sponsored by the Haitian Organization of Women, much 
as the previous eight years' festivals have been. But this year, Galata 
Haitian Culture Enrichment will also help sponsor the festival, HOW executive 
director Micheline Ducena said last week.

``Galata is a Creole word which means `attic,' and this is a group of young 
Haitians residing mostly in Homestead,'' Ducena said. ``We have been working 
with them so they can take over the festival, maybe as early as next year.''

Expected highlights of the festival include music by Top Vice, Outlaw, Eddy 
Francois, DeBoukan Ginen, Alaye and the Foxes, Utility Mob and Nene Digital. 
Food vendors, Haitian art and the crowning of a festival king and queen are 
also expected.

For more information, call 305-245-8158.