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#3715: A spoken word piece on Creative Survivalism-- A reply from Ruckle

From: James R. Ruckle <jruckle@citynet.net>

Way to go, Ulysses! (Your surname well befits a poet.) Haitians are a people
whom I greatly admire, perhaps too much. Anyone who laments lying among you
should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X; for an oppressed people, truth is
sometimes death. And Haiti is, in many ways, a place of Truth. It reveals
capitalism for what it is, government for what it is, Christians for what they
truly believe, death for what it is, pride for what it is, and God for who He is
- not just but merciful. If Haitians lie to visitors from the U.S., it is
because that is what we desire - confirmation of the illusions we live by. Why
have our last three Presidents been an actor, a spy, and a Slick Willy?

You know what I hope will happen? I hope that Haitians do what YOU want on May
21. I hope the "international community" wets its pants and goes home, breaking
the apron strings of money in the process. And I hope that HAITIANS figure out
how to grow food better, stop infant mortality, and govern themselves
peacefully. A U.S. embargo isn't the end of the world - ask Cuba.

Maybe it won't happen that way. Maybe Haiti will hold a fake election and create
a fake Parliament to keep the cash flowing. If Haiti doesn't throw off the
Yankee yoke, I'll go back to giving unsolicited advice (excuse me, "technical
assistance" - I'll send the bill to A.I.D.) If it does, I'll offer a prayer for
strength and wisdom (for both of us) and try to get the boycott stopped. If all
the 100 churches that have missionized in Haiti asked Congress to drop the ban,
it might happen. And I think we will, not out of nobility, but so we can keep
sending dollars to our missionaries.

James R. Ruckle
"Defeat the enmity, not the enemy."