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#3720: On the spelling of "youn" - Lamour comments


youn is one of the 6 forms of the haitian creole indefinite article,
which are on, ou, oun, yon, you, youn... speakers of haitian creole
use them interchangeably; it all depends on the region of the country
the speaker happens to have been brought up...

haitians say: 
on nèg (Across Regions)
ou nèg (South)
oun nèg (South)
yon nèg (Nord)
you nèg (West)
youn nèg (West + South)...

all 6 utterances are equivalent grammatically as well as semantically...
Unlike the definite article that has 5 forms (a, an, la, lan, nan) which
follow distinct phonological rules, the indefinite article's grammatical 
falls under the strict guidelines of geography or regionaliosm.

Examples featuring the definite article:
nèg la
nèg nwa a
nèg vanyan an
nèg Grandans lan
nèg gwo janm nan...

i hope the above information would clarify the issues in this debate...