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#3725: Auguste on Aristide (fwd)


I thank the writer (who requested anonymity) and the Mambo Sans Bout for 
telling me in no uncertain terms that the omnipresent evil United States 
military stopped Mr. Aristide from disarming the deposed members of the 
Haitian army. 

The gist of my post was to indicate that as a Haitian I do not feel protected 
by Mr. Aristide and to denounce his childishness and his irresponsibility in 
his insistence for declaring that he destroyed the Haitian army. "Mwen kraze 
lame d'Haiti" as he loves to say. Prudence dictates that he should be careful 
when making grandiose and empty declaration of the sort. Mr. Aristide may 
have wounded the Haitian army but he did not finish the job. Common sense 
tells me that one does not poke at, or infuriate a wounded animal and that is 
exactly what Mr. Aristide did by his proclamation. Who is endangered when 
this armed and wounded animal charges forward? The regular and mere mortal 
Haitians are the one placed in danger, that's who. It is not Mr. Aristide 
with all his protectors: former members of the disbanded Haitian army and 
security personnel provided by the international community. Aristide should 
wait for his second term to finish the job by disarming the people in 
question before he moves on to the boasting stage. I do not appreciate him 
scoring points against the army at my expense. Logic dictates that whenever 
he falls back on his partially false claim the FAD'H members do things to 
contradict that statement and of course the masses pay the price with their 
lives. Finish the job constitutionally (since as per the Haitian constitution 
the FAD'H still exists), disarm the s.o.bs. or shut your mouth, that is my 
request to him. His sensitive partisans be damned. 
Someone please inform me about this nouvelle etiquette. I answered a post by 
using the name of the poster and she admonish me for doing so. Was that a 
faux pas on my part? Why should I direct my answer to anyone else? I need 
education on that issue. 

J-R. B. Auguste