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#3751: How Vodou Heals, from Mambo Racine Sans Bout : Laleau comments


<<  "Ah-HAH!  Sezisman!", said the people of my household.  I was 
 then the recipient of massage, herbal teas, cuddling and coddling and 
 cheering up from my Houngan and Mambo buddies and others.
Dear Kathy,

If your American friends give you the same treatment after a stressful 
episode, then you are lucky indeed in your choice of friends!

If I am very lucky, after a stressful episode here in the U.S., I might get a 
phone conversation or two, and a couple of dinner invitations... after the 
stress of having lived in Haiti for a couple of years, I did get an extended 
sojourn in Hawaii at the initiative of close friends who live there, although 
I was working while I "relaxed"... On the whole, I think Anglo-Saxon culture 
is far less tolerant of "stress" and we are expected to work it out 
ourselves... do some "affirmations" or mediations or centering exercises, 
take a bubble-bath, get counseling... but cuddling and pampering?  Mmmm!

Nancy Laleau