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#3788: Question about Macoutes (fwd)

Corbett comments:  A non-list member wrote me looking for photos
of Tontons Macoutes.  I responded that I didn't have any, but that
perhaps members of this list would.  He wrote back asking that
I post his request. 

It is below in its second form.  Please do not send the replies
to ME or the list, but the his address below this line.

From: Emmanuel Didier <EmmanuelDidier@attcanada.net>

I wish to know, in particular, the elements of the uniform of the macoutes
compared to the uniform of the army.  I have pictures of an individual
wearing 2 kinds of uniforms: one is olive green fatigues, army boots and US
army helmet (WW II model) without name, rank, unit or country markings; the
other is light blue shirt (lighter blue than the police uniform shirt) with
short sleeves, 2 square breast pockets and 2 shoulder straps, pants
(brown?), brown cap (with visor) and Haiti's Armed Forces' crest. Are these
Army or macoute uniforms?
Yours truly
Emmanuel Didier