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#3811: Dorce replies to Young's comments on Aristide (fwd)


<< I agree with Gill re Poincy---including the predictions. I interviewed
 Aristide in June of 1986 and the feeling lingers---with all his
 dogoodism--- that he lusts for power under the guise of Christian
 platitudes. I suspect if he regains power, he will be far more
 frightening than Papa Doc ever was (who at least had some reasonings
 behind his discriminations). There must be a better choice for the
 authority figure.
 David X Young >>
Let me suggest another interpretation of Aristide's fervor to lead Haiti out 
of the madness.  Suppose he feels that it is his destiny, a holy covenant 
with God even, to bring sanity, justice, peace and dignity to all Haitians, 
ALL Haitians.  What if he feels that there is no one as dedicated to this 
mission as he is.  What if he is convinced that without him, Haiti will slip 
further into the darkness that envelops her now and the slender thread of 
hope that impossibly sustains majority class Haitians will be gone forever.  
Those who have never felt called upon by a higher power to accomplish 
something for the good of many, might mistake this zeal for arrogance or 
megalomania.  It must even be frightening and beyond understanding for those 
who only know what it is to tend to their own personal needs and goals which, 
when accomplished, benefit themselves alone.  That is my personal take on 
Aristide, whom I have met as well.  I believe he has a calling.  I hope he 
fulfills it.

Kathy DorcÚ