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#3821: GU's Creative Survivalism - Gill replies to Antoine


it is not a question of what Haiti NEEDS.......we could all put together a
long list of needs......

rather, it is simply a question of political reality.....any student of
political theory knows that democracy cannot, under any circumstance,
function without internal security......democracy does not work without law
and order......

the question is:  how to maintain internal security in Haiti.....will the
"losers" in the elections respect the results of the polling, pack up and go
home and respect the results, or will they repeat history and plot to
overthrow, continue violence and all the other actions that exhibit the
chaos that has gripped the country?

Mr Aristide has no magic for the above stated problem......what are his real
options?  will the character of Haitian society, conditioned by 200 years,
suddenly change and become peaceful?

no, i cannot think that this much change has occured during the past few
years......thus, altho we all wish to see a stable and peaceful country,
reality suggests that Mr Arisitide, who is still surrounded by a large
bodyguard, will be faced with a country where many feel that democracy means
they can act as they please......

the situation will demand some form of control......this is simple
reality.....in the US, it is a general respect for law and order, backed up
by a huge system of laws that are generally enforced......but, what do you
have in Haiti?

i say none of this to be argumentative, but rather as an observer of
political change not only in Haiti, but also in Central America and parts of
South America.......we could recount how democracy is trying to "take hold"
in El Salvador or Guatamala, for example, but this is 'off
topic"......however, the conditions for change in these two countries is
remarkably similar to that of Haiti......

moving from an extreme oligarchy to some form of democracy has an absolute
requirement:  internal security.....

again, i  ask, from where willl the security come?