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#3829: Creative Survivalism - Gill replies to Poincy


while Jean Poincy and I agree on many things, i dont want anyone to get the
impression that i stand in the pro-Duvalier camp......i do not....

however, from a standpoint of politics, it would be foolish not to accede
that the old boy had a very good read of Haiti and how to manipulate the
forces within Haiti....

if i say that some form of authoritarianism is necessary, as time will show,
this does NOT mean with the added sidearms of torture, murder, mayhem and
fear, a la Papa Doc.....

the problem with the word "authoritarianism" is the common connotation of
the above sidearms, while, as a political concept, it need not have

on the other hand, we already know that Aristide has used violence in the
past, as i was a personal witness and recipient of some of it.....some of my
people came within an inch of being murdered by some of his boys.....no one
can tell me he is opposed to using violence to achieve some desired
nd....( i can hear the wailing and knashing of teeth now at this statement)

it is quite within the spectrum of reality to realize that Aristide will use
force and./or violence to accomplish order......anyone familar with
liberation theology would know this, since use of force is justified on many
grounds, and they do have a "neat" way of making it fit the sayings of
Jesus.....twisted perhaps, but then, most theology is twisted anyway....

for me, it is not a question of whether Aristide will resort to some form of
"authoritarianism", which he most certainly will.....no, the question is the
methodology he will use to maintain order......for example, will be justify
politicizing the Police?  will he call for international troops, will be
sanction private security forces?  or what?

i do not know who, on this list, has much familarity with the tenets of
"liberation theology"....but, i have lived where it was being "practiced"
and its marxist analysis and "remedies" of society are just
that...marxist.....meshing the teachings of Christ with marxist social
thought......now, can anyone tell me of a marxist society that is not

i am, on a consistent basis, amused at the rather naive views about Mr
Aristide.....oh, i do believe he sincerely wants to help the poor......this
is consistent with liberation theology and certainly Catholic
teaching.....but, the idea that he is free from the use of force to
accomplish his goals, that he is somehow "above all this", does not even
square what what he did while President....

liberation theology has a real cool way of "interpreting" Scripture to allow
for the use of a LOT of force.....in effect, the ends justify the means

Mr Aristide will have to "crackdown" on disorder, etc......it is an absolute
MUST......the question then is:  not whether he will use authoritarian
methods, but the EXTENT of such usage.....

is all this "negative", as i have been accused?  no, it is not.......it is
simply naive to assume anything else.....Mr Aristide cannot continue some
installation of "democracy", on any level, without internal security and

will the international agencies be opposed to authoritarian methods, to the
extent that funds are withheld, which Mr Aristide needs far more desperately
than folks on this list are willing to admit?  a resounding NO is the
anwer......the tricky part will be to balance growing "democracy" with
strong methods.....now, this is a tightrope that will require all the
political skills that he can muster, and then some......i do not envy his

of course, miracles could happen and/or if Aristide is responding to God's
call, then perhaps the Sea of Reeds might part, or
money could suddenly start to grow on the mapou or jacaranda or in the
calabash.....  or there could be a massive psychological change on the part
of the elites to the extent that they would want to cuddle with Aristide,

the expectations of Mr Aristide are just far, far too high......now,  i
realize the hope that people want to have in him, due to the unrealized
dreams so many have for Haiti.....i have known this for years and
years......i am fearful that too many are putting him on a pedestal from
which he can only fall.....