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#3862: A New Alliance Emerging in the Caribbean? (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

The elements of a new diplomatic reality seem to be

emerging in the Caribbean involving three poles:

1) Cuba,  with its strong tradition of resistance, a well-

developed technical base and strong geopolitical presence

in the Third World movement. The recent South Summit in

Havana was evidence of the latter if anyone has any doubt.

2) Venezuela --  where Hugo Chávez and his Bolivarian

movement are likely to sweep the elections on Sunday --

would bring to the table Venezuela's substantial energy

resources and related financial clout and new political


3) Haiti --  with strong historical ties to both Cuba and

Venezuela -- and where a probable sweeping Lavalas

victory is likely to redefine and stabilize (?) the political


The overall goal of the alliance would be to counter the

American Juggernaut in the area and more specifically

the ambitions of its proxy, the Dominican Republic,  though

the latter may be defanged with the election of PRD's

Mejía to the Dominican presidency.

In addition to helping Haiti manage the DR's looming

presence in the area, the triangular alliance would enable

Haiti to deal with the enormous  challenges the country

confronts in fields such as education, health care,

ecology, etc. Specifically, the approach would be to

harness Cuba's technical expertise in these fields and

Venezuela's financial resources in order to help Haiti

find innovative and sustainable solutions to these

daunting problems.

Angle ekri, angle konprann!