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#3889: Morse comments on Aristotle's politics. (this is a list first!)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

Aristotle talks about the collective good and Poincy talks of 
collective security.
I find Poincy's approach to explaining his ideals a little touchy feely.
Lets get right down to the brass tacks:
I once had an embassy official tell me that when the population doesn't 
agree with the government you resort to repression. Basically you keep 
killing people until they aggree or shut up. Izmery, Dominique, Felix 
Lamy, Jean Vincent, Mallary, Sylvio Claude, Roger Lafontant, and the 
countless unnamed civillians.
Usually people in power like Poincy's approach, but they kick, cry, 
scratch and call the U.N. when the other team is in power. For example, 
when Cedras took over, I don't recall anyone in the Lavalas camp saying 
"lets try an authoritarian government". Now that Aristide/Preval are at 
the helm, you might get that from the Lavalas camp.
The opposition, in an authoritarian regime, is no longer a political 
party. They are guerilla soldiers. Its no longer a debate, its just 
warfare. Thats not collective security.
If I was going to choose one person to ask what they think of 
authoritarian regimes at this particular crossroad, it would have to be 
George W. Bush.... 

Richard Morse