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#3883: A practical voodoo question (fwd)

[Please respond directly to Nekita at the address above,
thanks,  Bob]

Dear Corbettland,
Since there are several voodooists on the " land", I would like some 
suggestions regarding a letter I received from Haiti the other day that 
contains a white powder that  spilled all over me when I opened the envelope. 
I smelled it. It left a baking soda taste on my tongue. It does not have any 
My mother and cousin are worried. I told them not to worry. I just use 
incidents like these as writing inspirations . Am I being naive? The content 
of the letter is a distant cousin who asked me money to buy  furniture for a 
new place that I gave her money to rent when I went to Haiti last year. 
My impression is she probably tried to get me to accelerate in sending her 
the money that she has been asking me since last fall. She put the powder to 
scare me or went to a voodoo priest or priestess to get some " mache prese 
I wanted to call her and told her that I got her "powdered" letter or "lEt 
monte" as we say it in Creole, but people told me to ignore her. 
I keep the letter. I would like to have the powder analyzed. Is ignoring her 
the right thing to do or should I confront her? Had any one ever gotten such 
letter from Haiti? I am fine. I have not had any reaction to the "powder" yet.
I would like to get Corbeeters' reactions on this powdered letter.