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#3886: The "Haitian" MacBeth of the 1930s

>From Bob Corbett:

Last night I saw the phenomenal movie "The Cradle Will Rock" which
is about, among other things, the WPA theatre project in the 1930s.
There was a significant number of mentions of the "Caribbean" MacBeth
which Orson Wells produced in the 1930s.  I've heard about it before
and it is usually referred to as the "Haitian" MacBeth.

Does anyone out there know any references that discuss this short-lived
production of Orson Wells (I think it had only ONE performance)?  I 
would like to know more about it.

Just yesterday I was excited to have won a 1930s film on ebay.  It is
with Paul Robeson and is Emperor Jones, Eugene O'Neill's version of
the life of Henry Christophe.  I won't have this video in my hands
for another couple of weeks, but I await it with glee.

Thanks for any info about the Wells' production.

Bob Corbett