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#3899: OAS EOM Press Release (fwd)

From: Mary Durran <durranmary@hotmail.com>

Press Release – 27 May 2000

Informal Translation

The Electoral Observation Mission of the OAS is concerned about the recent 
detentions of a number of candidates who ran in the legislative, municipal 
and local elections of 21 May.

These arrests, made during the count and compilation of results, go against 
the spirit of the law and democracy, and at the same time create an 
atmosphere of confusion, mistrust and insecurity that makes no positive 
contribution to the electoral process.

The Mission has already made known its concerns on this subject to the 
authorities.  It has taken note of one release and hopes that this 
represents a step in the right direction.  Nonetheless, the EOM calls on the 
authorities to respect citizens’ constitutional and legal rights and show 
respect for procedures and guarantees established by the law in order to 
protect free and fair participation of all those involved in the electoral 

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