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#3910: A fine line between authoritarian and democratic government: Dorce replies to Gill (fwd)


In a message dated 05/25/2000 4:50:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, drgill writes:

<< Mr Aristide has two profound problems, and i use the word "profound" quite
 deliberately......one, maintenance of internal order and security and two,
 the establishment of a fair and respected legal system.....
Three profound problems....the power elite in this country have a  stake in 
the politics and economics of Haiti.  This translates to manipulation of 
Haiti's affairs.  I know it is a ploy to scoff at such pronouncements as 
conspiracy theories and finger pointing.  While I agree that it is more 
productive to concentrate on factors one has control over and no one in Haiti 
can control what the US (read big business) will do, it is foolish not to 
take this factor into consideration when strategizing on how to proceed.  
Roadblocks are constantly being put in the way of human rights progress.  
Like the Republicans are setting up stacks of tires and setting them on fire 
(do you like my imagery?).  The people have spoken.....but will the will of 
the people be honored??  Is that how we do it here?  When the people voted 
Clinton in office for two consecutive terms was he allowed to serve 
unmolested?  Do you see much of a difference?  I don't.  "They" make us pay 
for voting against "them."