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#3913: Re: #3900: Mason responds to Poincy (fwd)


<< I just wished that Canal and Mason had spoken earlier >>

Speaking for Mason, all I did was quote a message posted last year by Jeff 
Allen in response to your asking the very same question.

I am not a linguist, although I am most interested in linguistic issues -- 
especially those issues affecting Haitian Creole.

I did not really add anything new to the debate; I only reminded us all of 
the fact that we've been down this road before.

And in a circuitous manner, remind us all of the fact that as long as we keep 
going around in these same circles, we will be hamstrung from producing the 
very software programs we all wish existed to magically solve such dilemmas 
in our everyday lives as readers and writers of Haitian Creole and other such 
vernacular languages.

With regard to:

<< Being able to say why the standard Ayitian as Antoine puts it "kwit", 
"diri", "ji" and "nwit" rather than "kuit", "duri", "ju" and "nuit", will be 
helpful to the legacy of the language. >>

Not only does the Orthography Law of 1979-80 allow for such variation, Dr. 
Yves Dejean allows for such variation in:

Dejan, Iv.  Ann aprann ˛tograf krey˛l la, Sekreteri d Eta pou Alfabetizasyon: 
 P˛toprens, 1985.

Dejan, Iv.  Afabetizasyon ak konsyans kritik: Keksyon ak repons epi 
Alfabetizasyon san manti:  Manti san alfabetizasyon, Enprimri Edisyon dŔz 
Antiy, S.A.:  P˛toprens, Desanm 1995.

Dejan, Iv.  Ann etidye lang nou an, Edisyon Demen Miy˛; P.A.O. Jean-Yves 
UrfiÚ:  P˛toprens, 1995 (reprint of 1986 edition).


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