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#3915: What is Mike Norton on? Chamberlain comments on Arthur (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

> Charles Arthur wrote:

> Re Mike Norton's 24 May AP wire:
> this piece of reporting is scandalous for its inaccuracy and political

> Is Mike Norton a independent journalist reporting for the AP in an as 
> impartial way as possible, or is he a mouthpiece for the absurd claims of

> the anti-Lavalas political parties? We should be told.


The alarming wave of arrests of opposition figures which has quickly 
followed the election could, I suppose, be a "provocation," or an 
"absurd" invention of "the anti-Lavalas parties."  You never know...

As Kathy Grey points out, there are dozens of joke "opposition parties"
composed of one man, his wife and a couple of pals, which are 
solemnly taken seriously outside Haiti (partly because people believe 
the discours of the "leader politique").  However, the arrests seem to be 
mainly of OPL figures, a more serious political group.  What on earth 
can Lavalas (the government) be afraid of if they have just won a
Can anyone explain?  Charles?

        Greg Chamberlain