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#3929: What is Mike Norton on? Pina commnets

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

The arrests also included arrest of several prominent members of the Popular 
Organizations which support Lavalas. As one might expect, you are not going 
to see that little fact made note of anywhere in the mainstream press. The 
plain fact is that these should have been more appropriately called 
"detainments" rather than arrests as all have been freed after a short 
period of time.  If this had any resemblance to past machinations in Haitian 
history you would have never heard the names published over a free press and 
most likely would have never heard from the detainees again.

This was not an action in any way associated or promulgated by an expected 
Lavalas victory at the polls. It was an action taken by the Haitian National 
Police to insure that the ensuing climate would not include the usual 
assasinations and destabilization one would naturally expect. As one 
well-placed source has said, "We are beginning to put two and two together 
and we now have clear suspicions based on new evidence of where this monkey 
business has been coming from. Until we are ready to move, our intention is 
to deny them as many targets as possible."
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