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#3937: Gill responds to Morse (fwd)


in l99l, there was a major policy shift implemented at the State
Department.....it had to do with policy toward all of the hemisphere......it
was:  no more support of coup by military groups, which has always meant
"right wing dictatorships"....

this policy was discussed in the l980's under Reagan and finally implemented
in l99l......it was supported by both Reagan and was implemented under
Bush......this is simply a matter of historical record.....

it is a matter of public record that the US was supportive of the movement
toward democracy that began to sweep thru central america during the
l980's.....it is a matter of public record that the resistence to this
caused the death of something like 140,000 in El Salvador over a ten year

to state that had Bush won a second term, Aristide would not have been
returned is speculation, and only that....if you read the record, you will
see that Clinton was not very enthusiastic about Aristide, and he
vacilliated for two years before finally making agreement to move for
Aristide's return....also, the stipulations Aristide had to accept were
somewhat stringent, which in itself showed that the US was concerned about
whether he would be willing to work with the established economic "elites or
whether he would move to challenge US economic interests in Haiti....

all this is public record.....