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#3941: Invitation to sit in on Corbett's summer course: Introduction to Critical Thinking

>From Bob Corbett

As all the "old timers" on the list know I am a professor of philosophy
as my paid labor.  I ALWAYS invite list members to sit in on my on-line
courses.  I have had at least one course taught 100% on line in every
semester since 1995.  I love the medium.  I would imagine I may have
taught more on-line courses than any professor in the country.

This summer, beginning a week from today, I begin my course:

Introduction to Critical Thinking

Good grief, in my 35 years at Webster University I have taught this
course nearly 50 times!!!  Yet this is the first time I've ever taught
it on line.

You are welcome to sit in as a visitor.  You pay nothing; nothing is
expected of you, though, time permitting, you are welcomed to participate
along with my students.  Obviously, I must give priority attention to
the formally registered students at Webster University.

You are also welcome to formally register for the course for credit.
Then you pay the normal Webster U. tuition and may transfer the credit
to any other school.  All that you have to take up with the registrar's

If you'd like to see the syllabus please have a look at:


That essay will also guide you to a much more significant essay introducing
the students to critical thinking and what the course will do.  That
essay is in some detail.

If you'd like to be on the class list just drop me an e-mail note
telling me so.  I'll add you to the class list.

Best,  Bob Corbett