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#3948: Something silly

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Since I've got my sermon for tomorrow all prepared, I have a bit of 
     time this evening to be silly. (Silly in a silly way, of course!) I 
     have been following the numerous postings regarding the proper 
     spelling of words and places in Haitian Creole (Kreyol) for several 
     weeks, and I am quite dizzy now. (That goes with silly!) So I offer 
     the following news release:
     Popwinz, 27 me 2000 (Wooterz)
       Lote jew, lair m-tay alay wizitay cwadebokay, m-tay gain yune pan 
     kawateer lair m-tay passay cwademisyon. M-tay anweta poo yune 
     wandayvoo, ay m-tay komenzay nevay. M-tay nevay pasake wandayvoo tay 
     tray anpotan, ay lee tay aveque layveq key tay wizitay la. May, mesee 
     a bonje, layveq lee pat fashay, ay lee tay axseptay-m la aveq bwa 
        M-tay tray kontann pasake layveq lee gran shef-m ay see lee 
     komenzay fashay avek-m, lee kapab fay ampeel pwoblem pou-m. May layveq 
     lee tay tray janteel ay lee tay bam gwo baynaydikshon pou komensay 
     noovo laykol na tee veelaj pray cwadebokay.
        Of course the above is silly, and it is not in any way meant to be 
     disrespectful to our wonderful Kreyol language...which I speak and 
     read fluently, but don't write so well! I've been trying to learn to 
     write better, but everytime I feel like I've got it down correctly, 
     someone changes it! And the someones who change it usually don't live 
     in Haiti! (Pretty-much like the someones who think they know how Haiti 
     ought to operate!!!)
        Please forgive this silly (and somewhat dizzy) old Greek Orthodox 
     Priest if you are offended; it was not meant to be offensive. But, it 
     might be fun for you to read-over the past several weeks' postings 
     concerning the proper way to spell "youn" in Kreyol, or whether the 
     place with the wonderful waterfall is Saute d'Eau or Sodo or Sewdough, 
     or whatever other way you wish to try it. Maybe you will come to the 
     conclusion that it has been an exercise in futility, and join the 
     group which is seriously working to make Kreyol uniform. After that, 
     maybe I will learn to write Kreyol better, as will many others!
                                Arkeymandright Meeshel
    (In English because I would never presume to write it in Kreyol for fear 
that I would be corrected by foreigners!)

    "The other day, when I went to visit Croix de Bouquets, I had a flat tire 
when I was passing through Croix de Mission. I was late for a rendezvous, and I 
began to get nervous. I was nervous because the rendezvous was very important, 
and it was with the bishop who was visiting there. But, thanks to God, the 
bishop was not angry, and he accepted me with open arms.
   I was very happy because the bishop is my boss, and if hebegan to get angry 
with me, he could make lots of problems for me. But the bishop was very kind and
he gave me a blessing to start a new school in a little village near Croix de