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#3992: A response to Corbett on Creole (fwd)


You are absolutely right!!
Creole has been so politicized that in the recent years,we discovered some so 
called experts, who have more often than lived abroad, trying to teach you 
"THE" correct way to speak a language you've been born  and raised into. If 
you listen to the news on Radio Haiti , Caraibe etc, you'll wonder why having 
been raised in Haiti and speaking creole fluently, in most cases a lot better 
than french,  it gets difficult to understand what they're saying; if you say 
their creole is confusing,you'll find people telling you that you can't speak 
the language. 
Something else would be good to bring to attention, all languages evolve, new 
words get into it, sometimes even completely foreign words. This is accepted 
all over, even The Academie Francaise had to comply,using the original 
spelling of the word, although reluctantly. In Haiti it's a nono., It's as 
though they resent even this little bit of evolution for the Haitian people.
Creole orthograph is supposed to be phonetic and that's all there is to it.