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#3998: Lynn Garrison, news of: Pina responds to Chamberlain (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>


I really do not understand the big deal. I know the original article, which 
was reported by Radio Tropic, did get sent to Reuters and AP, not by me 
alone.  I do not have personal contact with the two individuals you 
mentioned but if they were in Haiti between May 12-15 they would have seen 
footage of the busts and heard statements by the Haitian National Police. It 
was one of "the stories" on television and radio in Haiti that particular 
weekend. It's a matter of record and would have been difficult to miss.  The 
matter is still developing and opportunity is not lost upon anyone with 
credentials to follow up and corroborate the story today.

Secondly, I have never said anything about an "international media plot not 
to report "serious news about Haiti." What I have said is that the 
perspective of the "mainstream" media can be biased with relation to the 
situation, and especially Aristide and Lavalas, in Haiti. I have already 
written on the subject and sent numerous postings with various articles and 
points to back up my assertions. I would be happy to re-e-mail them to you 
or anyone else on the list who may have forgotten.

As for the rest of your posting I do not know what to say except don't shoot 
the messenger and thanks for the information on Bauduy. I did not know that.

Lastly, I think you and I should avoid making this a personal battle between 
us, let's just present our positions and information so that others feel 
comfortable jumping in on the discussion. Let's not prove one author's 
recent posting stating that Corbett's list has become a ghetto, although 
that should not matter. I have always believed it is better to dwell in a 
ghetto of free intellectual discourse than to live in an ivory tower built 
of sour grapes.


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