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#4117: Gill replies to Hoover on the "Moral Superiority" of Lavalas

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

i have made it quite clear that if Mr Aristide can effect the changes, the
vision, he wants, he will be the most important President in Haiti's

in fact, i have said that if he can begin these changes, such that they can
continue after his 5 years, he will be the most important President in
Haiti's history....

and, perhaps you misunderstood my statements re Lavalas.....i think i was
clear in stating that many seem to think that supporters of Lavalas are
somehow morally superior to other Haitians....some no doubt are of the
highest moral character...many may be....but, my point was that this
movement contains some, or many, who are in the party for their own

why should this be divisive?  does Aristide know all his supporters?  can he
account for the motivations or character of each?  no, of course not....

have i said that the vision of the leader is wrong?  no, i have not.  have i
said Aristide is immoral? no, in fact, i said that given his Catholic
theology background, it is quite understandable that he embraces the
concerns of liberation theology.....

my point was that it is unrealistic to think of all Lavalas folks as morally
superior, which has been presented on this list on a number of occasions....