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#4669: Re: #4663: Details on New Forms of Election Fraud (fwd)


I just read the partial report by the OAS, just as distributed by the 

I do have some concern over some of its particularities. But I think quite 
frankly, that it is overall fair. My question however remains the same: how 
come IFES, the OAS and everyone else did not debate the counting procedure 
for the senatorial races, prior to the May 21 elections? This was the 
procedure used in prior races and many of those organizations monitored those 
previous elections. At least the OAS had always been there. Even Léon Manus 
on June 4 I believe, explained that the same procedure was used in prior 
elections. Why then suddenly, everyone want to change the rules of a game 
that had already been played? Why?

The only thing is I believe, that the old rule is probably over. For the next 
elections, it is very likely that they will have to count ALL the votes like 
the OAS, the IC and the opposition want. Will it make a difference in the 

A suivre

Hyppolite Pierre