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#5141: Re: #5125: Rene Preval! : Succar comments

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>

I would love to share my opinions on Mr. Preval's comments.  First of all, 
he is a total failure for our people.  He has not done anything valuable for 
this country.  I hate when people blame their sorrow or failure on other 
reasons, a way of justifying failure.  Modern psychology and self 
improvement theory direct success on individual achievement, group 
achivement then organizational achivement.  Mr. Preval has blamed people 
during his entire time in power.  Once it was the Frenchmen responsable for 
our misery now it is globalization.  We do not need whiners now... we need 
risk takers, achievers, winners at the head ouf our state.  Are we going to 
eternally complain ?? or act???  Haiti can be changed by everyday hard-work 
and consciencious, charismatic leadership.  Preval has been the most 
pessimistic leader I have ever seen.  What a shame for having such a