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#5186: Opposition to Aristide: Chamberlain responds to Hyppolite (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

> This is an interesting list of people who at one point or another, were 
> collaborating with Lavalas, particularly Aristide. The question however 
> remains: "What's the point here?"
> If it is to prove that some former members of the Lavalas leadership are
> on their own or in the opposition, you are correct. But to suggest that
> did so, because they all have a common problem with Lavalas, is at best 
> disingenuous.
> People decide to collaborate with a particular political movement or
> for different reasons. They also leave for their own particular reasons.

What _is_ interesting is that many of them have said very similar things on
becoming disillusioned with Lavalas.  We should take note of those 

> William Smarth. Well, isn't he the brother of Rosney Smarth, former Prime

> Minister of Préval's? Rosney of the OPL resigned, then left the Prime 
> Ministership's seat without a new one having been approved by Parliament.

Being someone's brother does not mean he is guilty of his brother's

> Malval is not a good example either, Greg.

His account (in his book) of his cavalier treatment by the exiled Lavalas 
leadership, when he had rallied sincerely to their cause, or to their help,
is pretty depressing.

> But as intellectuals leave, others may and do come, each one of them for 
> their own reason. We all know who left Fanmi Lavalas the past few years 

Have any notable intellectuals joined forces with Lavalas in the past year 
or so?  Not that Lavalas necessarily needs to attract "intellectuals"
they might as well) but their one-way movement away from it gives cause 
for thought.

        Greg Chamberlain