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#5194: Hudicourt continues discussion

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

In a message dated 9/26/00 4:51:39 PM, 
Dorce writes:

<<  But I WAS trying 
to instill a little self reflection in you and others to see your possible 
part in this tragedy.  It is easy to look down on the rabble and say how 
uncivilized they are, how unfit to decide their own future.  But why are they 
that way? >>

I really don't want to continue going back and forth on this but I don't 
think I ever used the kind of language, thoughts, or intention this person 
attributes to me.  My reflections were my own reflections on how I felt about 
being in Haiti in September 2000.  I never blamed the people of Haiti for the 
current situation.  I blamed those who are running the country who are 
supposed to be educated, knowledgeable, and revolutionary.  I believe that 
many "educated" Haitians are not as wise as they think they are and that 
everyone, including the president, should stop the national attitude of "Se 
pa ft mwen".  I believe that Haitian people are ingenious for the most part 
and are craving for law, order, learning, respect, and opportunity.  I also 
believe that violence is not part of the social character of our people.  I 
keep reminding others that the American cities in the 80's under the 
Republican administrations were unliveable mostly because the economy was bad 
and the government was mean.  Teenagers and young adults were horrible and 
were killing each other. With the 3 strikes laws, the opening of job 
opportunities, and a democratic administration, crime in the cities has 
almost disappeared.  Hell can be transformed by good government.  I will not 
excuse anyone for the current disaster, and I continue to think that this 
country (Haiti) can become liveable for all its citizens.