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#5283: Re: #5277: The Haitian Press-Dorce comments on Laurette (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

lauretteb@yahoo.com writes:
<< All events that have marked us as a people, whether at home or
 abroad, are important to be remembered and analyzed. But the problem I
 have is when everything we discuss goes back to these events. Some will
 say that I am too young to understand, others will say what is she talking
 about. I say take a new perspective and be progressive when wanting to
 discuss issues in the community. Perhaps if we all had the wisdom to
 understand that we can bring something to the table, we would have more
 dynamic discussions in this forum.
 respectfully yours,
 Laurette >>
You make a valid point but I want to say that although
your needs are those of a Haitian-American who is finding 
her way in THIS society while keeping a great interest in Haiti,
this group is vitally interested in the events happening in
Haiti at this moment.  Haiti is in dire straights and it is
an overwhelming challenge that faces not only the government
but all the people of Haiti and also those here in the States
who have an interest in Haiti's welfare.  We talk, we discuss,
we rail at each other.  We are frustrated, despairing, 
hopeful, angry, sad, hopeless.  Sometimes we are less than
civil, I agree, but it is because we feel passionate and 
emotional about the subject.  I hope we (I) can be forgiven
for our excesses given our shared hopes that Haiti will be
restored to her place as the Pearl of the Antilles.  In fact,
I hope Haiti grows to SURPASS any heights she has previously
reached, because never has Haiti been truly a paradise for 
anyone who didn't have the money to enjoy life there.  


Kathy Dorce~