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#5308: Re: #5297: Dorce to Anonymous regarding Garrison (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 10/13/2000 9:16:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time, "Anonymous" 

<< The "big deal about medicines and a medical file" is not that he
 expected Aristide never to get sick.  The "big deal" is that
 Aristide is sick.  Aristide has a longstanding history of serious
 medical psychological disorder for which he was and is under
 medical treatment.  Without his medicines, he is out of control
 and unable to perform in the role of President.  He went without
 his medicines during a certain time period when he was in exile
 and, I understand, one of the Haitian officials (the ambassador?)
 had to pull him off of one of the American officials when
 Aristide physically jumped and began attacking him. >>
This is anonymous for a reason, none of it is true, nor has any evidence been 
provided to substantiate these allegations.  Garrison absolutely made this 
stuff up.  If it were true, don't you think the proof would be published so 
as to discredit Aristide.  After all, he is a thorn in the sides of both the 
US government, and proponents of the status quo in Haiti.  IF it could be 
shown that he is unbalanced mentally or involved in drug trafficking, the 
proof would be published in black and white and not just vicious rumors 
without base, told anonymously...hmmm.