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#5328: Re: #5308: Anonymous reply to Dorce regarding Garrison



>  This is anonymous for a reason, none of it is true, nor has any evidence been
> provided to substantiate these allegations.  Garrison absolutely made this
> stuff up.  If it were true, don't you think the proof would be published so
> as to discredit Aristide.  After all, he is a thorn in the sides of both the
> US government, and proponents of the status quo in Haiti.  IF it could be
> shown that he is unbalanced mentally or involved in drug trafficking, the
> proof would be published in black and white and not just vicious rumors
> without base, told anonymously...hmmm.

Indeed, it is anonymous for a reason, however, not that which you stated.  Let me
ask:  how credible would the U.S. government or their actions have appeared in
the face of the world - especially after backing Aristide so staunchly (or so
they wanted it to appear) during his stay in the States - if this had leaked
out?  Politics is not always what it outwardly appears to be ... in fact, it is
usually _not_ as it outwardly appears.  It's all show and Americans are, in a
large part, naively gullible as to the virtues of their government.

BTW, this tidbit about Aristide was reported by the news, but very rapidly
squelched.  It has not been only once (on the contrary, many, many times) that I
observed happenings abroad (including Haiti) first hand, only to turn on CNN and
see a report totally contrary to reality.  An avid follower of the news, it was
also not only once that news leaked and one or two report of reality was issued,
but again, only to be squelched and turned 180 degrees.  With your experiences, I
am surprised that you never observed this.