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#5326: Simidor's posting of 10/13--not for List publication -- reconsidered as anonymous post

[Corbett comments.  This note was sent to me, a cc. of the note sent
to Daniel Simidor.  After I urged the author to reconsider I did get
permission to post this anonymously.

I asked for this permission, even argued for it, not because I
was in such special agreement with the position, but because I do
think considered and strong felt views should be heard.  These are
specially difficult times and they try the optimism and hope of the
most optimistic and hopeful.  We need to share our thoughts with one

Dear Bob,

Perhaps I am a coward not to post this directly to the List -- but I have no 
idea how much trouble I could create if I posted it to the List -- for 
myself, primarily, but also in general. For a long time I've been hoping I 
have been mistaken in my impressions of a trend I observed beginning even in 
late 1995... 


Dear Daniel,

That was a more-than-alarming piece of news, and if true, your analysis 
articulates why that is so. Coupled with the report from Batay Ouvriye in the 
Central Plateau, which also seems true, I don't see what can be done as we 
watch events unfold, inexorably. 

I've been unhappy with the List lately too -- all the freshness and innocence 
is gone now. There is some rehashing of things as new people enter, but 
everything has been said, I think, and more words will make no difference at 
all. I feel like someone watching a disaster, and turn my eyes away in shame 
and horror.