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5340 Cuba helping Haiti to modernize sugar mill (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

Cuba helping Haiti to modernize sugar mill

HAVANA, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Cuba, a leading sugar exporter, is helping its 
impoverished Caribbean neighbor, Haiti, to upgrade its sugar industry by 
supplying engineers and equipment to modernize a Haitian sugar mill, Cuban 
officials said Monday. 

Details of the Cuban assistance project were given during a meeting in Havana 
of a joint Cuban-Haitian cooperation commission attended by Haitian President 
Rene Preval. 

Around 30 Cuban sugar industry specialists were currently in Haiti working on 
the Darbone Sugar Factory in Leogane. 

Communist-ruled Cuba had sent two containers of equipment and spare parts for 
the modernization of the Haitian sugar mill, which should re-open next year, 
the Cuban officials said. 

The project formed part of a growing program of Cuban technical assistance 
for Haiti, which also covered areas like fisheries, education and health. 

Around 40 Cuban specialists were assisting with Haitian fisheries projects, 
both salt-water and fresh-water. 

In addition, Cuba currently had several hundred doctors and health personnel 
working in Haiti and some Cuban teachers were taking part in a literacy 

At the same time, 250 Haitians were studying to be doctors at a university in 
eastern Cuba. 

Preval thanked Cuba for its assistance, saying the Cuban aid showed how 
developing countries could help each other. 

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