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5367: Re: Modest proposal for eco terroism in Haiti (fwd)

From: gilles hudicourt <hudic@videotron.ca>

Sorry to inform the author of that post that much of the charcoal arrives by
wooden sailboats.  A few years ago, the mayor of Anse d'Ainault, I think (if
not its Dame-Marie), attempted to have the loading of charcoal banned from
the town's warf, which is operated by Autorité Portuaire Nationale.  He was
nearly lynched by a directed mob and I think the PNH police station was
burned on that occasion too.  It was an attempt by the mayor to protect the
area's trees but the dark side won the battle, as usual.

The way to combat charcoal is to provide a cheaper imported kind of wood
charcoal.  Some people could make MONEY that way.  MONEY!  EASY MONEY!
Caught anyone's attention?  Any volonteers ?

Of course the poor people who live from making the charcoal would loose that
income but others might make a living form the new buisiness, especially if
the new importer imports shiploads of cheap scrap wood that he sells to
small merchants who would make the charcoal and distribute it.  The truckers
would be happy, the sailors would be happy and the haitian charcaol
consumers would be happy.  Haitian trees would get a break and the whole
country would benefit.

I must have a fever for writing such non-sense.  I forget this is Haiti I am
writing about, the country where all that is right, logical and obvious
dosn't happen and where all that is wrong, illogical and far-fetched always