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#5397: Re: #5389: Scrapwood to Charbon (fwd)

From: John Munsell <JMunsell@maf.org>

I know of two projects along these lines.  One is to take left-over 
charcoal pieces and dust and use a binder of some sort (I don't remember 
what exactly) to form the waisted charbon into bricketts.  I don't know too 
much about this, and I'm not sure I want too.  Seems the point is to get 
away from charbon to the degree possible.

The other one is a simple press made from locally available hardware.  This 
uses paper, scrap wood, etc, to make blocks of material to be used for 
cooking.  There has been quite a bit of development on this and I think a 
few are being used here.  If you'd like more info I can point you in the 
right direction.  This press was on display at the Agricultural fair 
downtown P-au-P a few months back.

John Munsell