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5450: Re: Re: 5443 The invasion, not the cost (fwd)

From: doctorgill <doctorgill@clas.net>

> >
> Perhaps my wording is unclear.  Thank you for calling that to my
attention.  I
> meant to say that the invasion cost close to $2 billion and it (the
> did not improve the state of affairs in Haiti.  On the contrary, things
> only become much worse.  Drug trafficking has soared, violent crime has
> rampant, and the economy has toppled.

***the fact that things have not improved, in the short run, does not mean
that "things are not in motion" that can produce useful change for the
future.......our problem, since we are looking "from afar", is to see what
actually has been set in motion,..........i think that will simply take more
time.........any transition from traditional oligarchy to any form of what
we loosely call "democracy" is messy, and of long duration......one can look
at Argentina, Brazil, Peru and other countries to see this......the process
in those countries continues to move toward a more equitable society in
each, but anyone who stays abreast of happenings in these countries realizes
that equity has not been reached.....

in the case of Haiti, the process of equity has only just begun..........i
see nothing happening in Haiti that is not "standard operating procedure"
for a society trying to change toward equity........the stresses and strains
aint gonna end anytime soon.....
and, as usual, there is considerable opposition toward any kind of change,
since change challanges the power of the State over the populace........

m. gill