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5510: Haitian music in New York City

From: legba kalfou <tjoviginen@hotmail.com>

             Ginen productions Present
The other side of the N.Y.  Underground Ginen
	live Hip-Rappers-Hop.
        Dj. Funmi- spinning the funkiest music this side of the universe
	Azaka Haitian roots music pionneers.
      Vibewise  roots rock, reggae
     Tjovi Ginen Haitian roots,ska, dub poetry.
          December 16, 2000,
            9:00 - 4:00 A.M.
@ Walker Stage @ 56 Walker street. Corner of Walker street and 
Broadway/church. New York, New York.
via subway: Take the N,R,1,9,A,C,E, to Canal st.                   
                   Funky People night to dance your ass off.
   This side of the N.Y. Underground is Ginen, ginen is positive.

This is a Party Free food and drinks will be served, with live entertainment 
the whole night long.
Please email: Tjoviginen@hotmail.com to RSVP, guarantee admission. Donations 
$10.00 . Walker street Stage is not a huge location, so.We have limited 
space. bring your friends we expect everyone to have a good time. If you 
like rhum you will love this party.

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