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5865: Response to Response to story on attack on journalists #5852 (fwd)

From: SSeitz8935@aol.com

This list is open to feelings and observations isn't it? Perhaps indeed this 
is the wrong time to take a naive shot at "sensational journalism" in a 
moment when certain current daily occurrences in Haiti can only be 
interpreted as violent or negative.  And really too bad no one is even 
interested in reading about the country at all.  
Even a novice like me knows the old rule of "man bites dog" theory of making 
My statements have been broken apart in a most articulate fashion, and the 
honorable profession of journalism has been appropriately defended. However, 
as a long-time observer of a country and its ever-complex culture affecting 
all of its "classes", and unattractive class divisions, I will stick to the 
premise that many journalists (or consultants, observors, the "other 
capacities") so often become dangerous experts lacking even the proper 
in-depth facts or proper checks to present their stories.  In exercizing 
their right to analyze, they are instead massaging their own egos, constantly 
and consistently presenting preconceived conclusions based on the same old 
theme played over and over again. 
The preconceived conclusions may be inevitable, but then again things may not 
be always what they seem.  No, it is indeed not the journalists job to solve 
problems, but why then do they delve in solution-making at all especially in 
a country that, until the present time, has been so trusting of the press and 
foreigners in general. 
Again, it is so difficult to express this without sounding like I'm trying to 
suppress the free press, and that is so not my point.  Yes, the reportings on 
this site, the books, both bad and good, are all valuable instruments in 
recording and reporting what is there.  Indeed, all types of business 
exploitations should be brought to the attention of the reading public if it 
will help a cause.  
It is clearly impossible to come out with Disney-polished stories when a 
country is in the troubled state it is in at the moment.  The picture is not 
even close to pretty.  However, hopefully when the disturbing chaotic 
situation settles, there are a few positive angles left that someone in this 
world might want to read about.  
And hopefully there are fine analytical journalists and photographers hanging 
out there to do some fair reporting. I have certainly met some.  
sue seitz.