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5875: New Book Haitian Women's Health (fwd)

From: Gaia999@aol.com

Dear List Members,
At last a great new book is available to help improve women's health in 
Kote Fanm Pa Jwenn Dokte, yon gid pou fanm, has been translated and adapted 
for use in Haiti from the Hesperian Foundations' Where Women Have No Doctor. 
The new book in the Haitian language includes 600 pages and over 1,000 
illustrations. It covers a very broad range of issues that impact the health 
and lives of women. Vedrine's post on this list announced the celebration of 
the book's first distribution in Haiti at Aprosifa in Port-au-Prince on Sept. 
22nd. Now Kote Fanm is available in the U.S. too.

The effort to produce this translation and adaptation took three years. The 
translation was done by Jean Wilner Steve. Many in Haiti and the U.S. 
contributed to preparation of the book. Kote Fanm begins with a newly written 
section, Remed Fey, about the traditional use of herbs for healing in Haiti. 
Other topics include: pregnancy and birth, adolescent health, sexual health, 
STD/HIV/AIDS, violence against women, refugee health, mental health, health 
hazards in women's work. The book is written in clear easy -to-understand 
language and stresses organizing and problem-solving to promote women's 
health and well-being. 

There are 4000 copies of the book being distributed in Haiti to women's 
groups, community groups, clinics and churches, for $200 goud or free of 
charge when people do not have money to buy them. One thousand remain in the 
U.S. and Canada to be sold to raise money for a second printing and also to 
produce smaller pamphlets to selected chapters in large print for use in 
community health and literacy work. 

Kote Pa Jwenn Dokte can be used in:
1. Health settings- patient education materials can be reproduced directly 
from                   the book for Kreyol-speaking clients.
2. Kreyol literacy- for those learning to read and write Kreyol, the book 
offers exciting easy-to-read topics relevant to peoples' lives.
3. Consciousnes raising and organizing- the message throughout the book is: 
learn, get together with others and act to improve the status of women and 
their communities. 

For more information:
1. nan Potoprens, Aprosifa
165 Routes des Dalles, Carrefour Feuilles
Att:Simone Alexandre tel (509) 221-4076. Email <aprosifa@haitiworld.com> 
if not working, email <malfisv@yahoo.com>

2. nan Monreyal Kanada, Att: Lody Auguste email<auguste_lody@yahoo.com> 

To order send this form and your check or money order payable to the 
Association of Haitian Women in Boston (AFAB) to: 

Association of Hiatian Women in Boston (AFAB)
330 Dorchester St. MA 02024
Att: Carline Desire

Name ___________________________________________________________

Number of books ordered_______ Enclose $23 for each book ($20 for the book, 
$3 for shipping). If ordering more than 5 books, call first for shipping 
(617-287-0096). AFAB email is <afab_kafanm1msn.com>