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5879: Re: blan (fwd)

From: mihoko tsunetomi <miho0087@tctv.ne.jp>

    >    Please be aware of the fact that the Haitian/Kreyol use of the word
     "blan" does not mean "white". Sure, the French translation for "white"
     is "blanc", but the Haitian Kreyol use of "blan" actually means
     "foreigner". When we read signs such as "an ba blan", that does not
     mean down with the whites, it means down with the foreigners. And what
     is a foreigner? A foreigner is one who is here, but not at one with
     the Haitian population; not sympathetic to the people amongst whom he
     or she is living; someone who is here making money or publicity at the
     expense of our suffering and our culture.<

  Thank you for your kind definition of "blan" which confuses
my identity further.    Is a Japanese who is deeply interested
in Haiti a blan?  Does the world consist of black and white?
I am not blaming kreyol which does not have the word for us,
but this reminds me the bitter sense which we had for being
called as honorary white in South Africa during apartheid.
As the writer of Haiti information in Japanese, I have responsibility
to give right direction to those who are interested in Haiti.
We have some people planning to visit Haiti at this moment.
Should I encourage or discourage them?  I would appreciate
if anyone could tell me the exact atomosphere there now?
The group has some children.  Tell me if it is the right time
or not for Haiti to receive well-intended tourists.

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Mihoko Tsunetomi