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5922: Re.Blan (fwd)

From: mihoko tsunetomi <miho0087@tctv.ne.jp>

Let me hereby express my deepest appreciation to those who
have given me the kindest considerations and advice, both here
and directly to me.  I am quite impressed, and will try to follow your

   Today I received the announcement from them that they have
decided to put off the travel until next March.  Now knowing the
election date, I am thinking it could be the best time for them
to go, but it is up to them.

   I often wonder what is the role of my information.  If without,
Japanese people will have much more positive images of Haiti,
with music and painting, and Voodou, or total ignorance, a
"pariah"as some papers describe.  No, I say to myself, Haiti
is a part of myself, the world, and I must keep Haiti alive here
even when I must tell the bitter truth.

   I am not a biginner with Haiti.  I have no problem when an
innocent Haitian calls me a blan.  It is quite natural , but
the discussions here by intellectuals  somehow made me
write that letter.  The direct motivation was the heart-
breaking poem. Why did the author tell not to take pictures
 of dirty blacks with different hair?  What made them think 
themselves dirty blacks when we have no slightest idea of
such.  If Emmanuel tells "One's color does not really matter 
in Haiti ",  one would never describe themselves in such a
negative way.  Does a black bear think it is better or worse
than a white bear or brown bear?   A yellow tint was a new
idea to me as we don't think ourselves that way.  I may be
ignorant of this sensitive issue as everybody here is simply
a Japanese.  I am dreaming Haiti tomorrow where any
tourist can walk freely.  Let me continue with the brighter
side of Haiti.  Thank you once again to you all.  Without
the help of this site, I could have never continued to this day.


    ∩  ∩
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Mihoko Tsunetomi