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5939: Re: Re: 5911: 'Blan' & Haitian Culture (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

Someone wrote:
> To the contrary, no matter WHAT you do to advance and improve the cause
> conditions of Haitians, in general or individually, you are still a
> still a target, still a candidate for stealing and exploitation.

I started going to Haiti in l980, and I have lived there three times, for
extended periods of time.  While a "blan",  i was never a target for
exploitation or stealing.  Further, I can say that my friends there are the
best personal friends I have ever had, and I have lived in several other
countries, in addition to Haiti.  I can also say that my level of trust for
them is very high.  In fact, I completely trust them.

I think the difference is that I was not there with an attitude of
"advancing./improving the cause and conditions".  I have seen those with
this attitude, and the Haitians can pick up on such an atttitude.  In my
experience, they do NOT like those who have such a view, and I cannot blame
them.  If a "blan" comes in with such an attitude, it is hard for it not to

If the above statement was put forth as an "imperative", I can only offer
the exception to the rule......

m gill