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6106: Current Gourde/Dollar Exchange Rate (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

To respond to Carline's request for exchange rate info, yesterday (11/30) 
we were offered Haitian gourdes at the rate of 24.53 gourdes for US$1.00
by a licensed money changer in Haiti, a rate that has been more or less
stable for about a month.  It will be interesting to see what happens in
the next 6 weeks.  Historically, the gourde has more often than not
strengthened from early December thru the end of the month due perhaps to
the confluence of three factors:
   1.  Influx of Haitian Americans with US$ to spend in Haiti
   2.  Haitian importers needing less dollars since they have already
             paid for their imported Christmas merchandise.
   3.  Haitian factories needing gourdes to pay the end of the year 
             bonuses... thus selling dollars.
This rule of thumb is not something you can bank on, and it will be
interesting to see if it holds true this year.

Lance Durban

--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: "BriceWebb, Carline" <CBriceWebb@oas.org>
> Have you receive any information lately or in the past about converting
> the
> Haitian gourdes to the US dollars. Any info would greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Carline 

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