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6125: Haitian-rel. dissertations: Benson asks, Corbett replies

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

Bob, would you consider (and is it an easy possibility), listing
dissertations on Haiti topics?  I don't know what this would entail, but I
do know it would be useful information. Or perhaps it is already posted
somewhere I and just overlooked?

Corbett replies:  LeGrace, I have very few in my library,
probably on four or five.  However, I think Emmanuel Vedrine has
such a list for Creole-related dissertations, and if folks will send
me the full citation, I'll happily compile a list of English-language
dissertation.  Someone else out there to take responsibility for
French (and other) language dissertations?

We could collectr them a while, then present a list to the whole

Bob Corbett