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6152: RE: 6129 : Archim comments on accident

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        Thanks to Victoria for the truth regarding the situation with the 
     American missionaries. Those of us here in Haiti knew the full story, 
     but the US news media needed to make it a bit more "newsworthy" so 
     they had to embellish it and make the whole story into a melodrama 
     which makes the US Coast Guard the hero. Now the Coast Guard performed 
     wonderfully, and I am pleased to know that they were available, but we 
     DO need to give credit to those on the Haiti side who saved the lives 
     of the missionaries! If everything in Haiti was as bad as the press 
     would lead others to think, those missionaries could possibly still be 
     lying in the road.
        Thank you to the staff and other workers at Ste. Croix Hospital in 
     Leogane who really saved the day! Maybe the missionaries will set the 
     record straight when they have recovered sufficiently.