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6167: RE: 6147: Re: 6126: Bad US press on Haiti (fwd)

From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

Lately several list members have said they are "fed up" or "sick and tired"
of inaccurate or racist press reports on Haiti. 
The solution is simple (though it may take much daily application to work,
as with many healing medications):
Every time you see or hear inaccurate or racist reports on Haiti, complain.
Instead of carping to the Corbett list, write to the local TV station, the
national network, the author of the op-ed piece, the newepaper editor, etc.
etc. They all have email and mailing addresses, too. I have found over the
years that whether one is dealing with a radio station, a university, a
retail store, or a utility, NOTHING gets prompt high-level attention like a
well-written LETTER addressed to a series of high-level officials. Letters
stay in files. They get passed up and down through the ranks with "deal with
this" attached. And they put people on alert about a problem with their
Have a happy holioday season writing letters!